Digital Advertising Conversion Calculator

How Does Online Advertising Spend Relate to Impressions, Clicks, Conversions and Sales?

To answer this question, run scenarios on possible outcomes using this purpose built calculator. Enter the name of the Channel, e.g., Google AdWords. Then, enter the Total Estimated Investment, the Total Ad Impressions forecast for the spend and Forecast Cost per Click to be received on the advertising. Also, don't forget to adjust the Forecast Conversion Ratio. This is the measure of how many leads convert into a sale.

Advertising Channel Name
Estimated Investment*
Ad Impressions*
Forecast Cost Per Click*

Forecast Conversions Ratio - Leads to Sales*

Forecast of
in 10 lead to sale conversion


Results Scenario

The results are generated according to scenarios based on Landing Page conversion performance. The conversion rate of the Landing Page, i.e, the % of visitors who convert into a lead, will impact the overall result. We have provided a range of possible Landing Page conversion scenarios to help you understand potential outcomes. Total Campaign Sales are influenced by the Forecast Conversion Ratio above in the input section. Use the Forecast Conversion Ratio to understand the impact of lead conversion for a Total Campaign Sales estimate.

Landing Page
Conversion Ratio
Per Lead
Per Sale
Campaign Sales
1% of visitors - - - -
2.5% of visitors - - - -
5% of visitors - - - -
7.5% of visitors - - - -
10% of visitors - - - -

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